Christmas Stocking Challenge

by LindaLeeL

Throw caution to the wind! Have fun.

By this time, you've already received your Christmas Stocking bag during the Annual Luncheon.
Remember to: Bring your finished Christmas Stocking to the 13 November meeting.
Judging: Will be held during the LLQG Christmas Party, 11 December.

There will be three ribbon categories:

  1. Children's
  2. Humorous
  3. Traditional

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. You may add anything from your stash, but
    a) you MUST use at least three items from your paper bag.
    b) It may be fun to catalog or photograph your “treasures” before you start,
    so all can admire your clever use of materials.
  2. The front of the stocking must be quilted.
    a) optional for the back.
  3. Size: Use the template as shown for the stocking.
    a) Add a cuff (optional) and a tab for hanging.

Note: If you would like, your stocking will be donated to the Children of “Hope House” in Wolfeboro; an organization that supports families in transition.