Child Advocacy Center

Remembering Harriet


Needs quilt sizes 40" x 50" and 50" x 60", for boys and girls in middle school through high school.

Please use cheery, colorful prints.

If you need batting for a Child Advocacy Center quilt, please contact RaeLynnW. If you wish to pick up the batting at the next quilt guild meeting, please call her no later than Sunday morning, prior to the meeting. See Calendar for dates and times.

Statistics for 2018: On 28 March 2018, 15 LLQG members provided the Child Advocacy Center with 34 quilts. "The cupboard is no longer bare. Many great thanks and hugs go to: Linda LeeL, JanetV, HarrietT,  JoyceP, RosalieO, JudyK, MaryL, SallyM, MaryK, ShellyC, JaniceL, CarolC, LindaM, JudyC, SaraS, BarbaraN.
The Child Advocacy Center and I are so very thankful for your kind generosity." Judy K

Statistics for 2017: 163 children needed quilts. The greatest need is during the winter holidays, December through February.

Point of Contact: JudyK

Quilt Made By Children
Lots of Quilts Donated