Sarah's Star Quilt Class
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Fabric Tips: This quilt really ‘shines’ with a good contrast between the star pattern and the background. A pale background makes bright colors stand out. A darker background works well with pale colored stars. Batiks are great and give lots of possibilities for star pattern and background coordination. A tone-on-tone or solid background would allow for busy prints in the star. A large scale background might go well with subdued star points.

Options: Very scrappy like the class sample. Make it a thrifty stash buster or use those precuts bought on sale because the colors called out to us. Shade  the stars starting either in the center with light (or at the edge) and get progressively darker in the sets of 4 rows within a star.

A special binding tool is needed as a template for this quilt. You can purchase the tool from Missouri Star Quilts, Amazon, and many more stores. Make sure you get the 8-1/2" x 2-1/2" size.


Print your supply list.

Print Background Cutting Instructions.

Please do not show up before 09:50. Time is needed to set up the tables, power cords, ironing boards, etc.

Location First Congregational Church, 115 South Main St., Wolfeboro, NH
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