9 April - Added Brewster Fair dates to Calendar. Uploaded latest Newsletter and Membership updates.

7 Aptil - Changed name of Show & Tell (2021) to include quilted items up through 31 May.

3 April - Added photos to David's House.

31 March - Added photo to Hearts For Hugs, TEE Quilting for David's House, and many photos for David's House.

30 March - Replaced Photo Gallery -> Road Trips with Photo Gallery -> David's House.

30 March - One more photo added to next David's House Road Trip and another photo for Show&Tell.

28 March - Added photos to the next David's House Road Trip and another one for Hearts For Hugs.

27 March - Added Week 3 and Week 4 of StarLight Mountains Quilt. Please bring to Annual Picnic on 23 June. 

24 March - Added article and photos of presentation of JoyceP's thread art of Westin in honor of HarrietT. There's a link found under On Going Projects -> Child Advocacy Center -> Remembering Harriet.

11 March - Added more photos to Show & Tell for 20210224.

27 February - Roberta has challenged us yet again. It's all about the Teddy Bear Picnic which, by the way, will be judged at our Annual Picnic on 23June. See On Going Projects, Current Challenge for details.