1 August - Added photos from 28 July meeting (that was easy); more photos to Show & Tell for TEE. Under Members Only tab now has a copy of the latest Newsletter and Membership Updates.

19 July - Updated Calendar with information about Monday Morning Edition taking place at Wolfeboro Library.

17 July - Added More Contact Info menu item under Members Only tab. This will provide you with guild members to call regarding categories that are not covered under the Board Members and Standing Committee Chairs information. Updated Calendar for July, August and September.

16 July - Updated QOTY photo. Added Show & Tell photos from 14 July meeting. Added new/updated member information under Membership Update menu item under the Members Only tab.

26 June - Updated QOTY slightly, added more photos to 2021 Annual Picnic, added more photos to David's House.

23 June - Added photos from the 2021 Annual Picnic.

16 June - Updated calendar to reflect our new meeting location and dates.