Round and Round S(he) Goes


It has been noticed that some of the challenges (read last challenge) are not being entered because the finished products are impractical. Well, this is the one for you. The finished size is just right for a donation quilt to one of our charities: Child Advocacy Center or David's House.


  1. Anything that goes round!
    1. For example: New York Beauty, Yo-Yo, Rob Peter To Pay Paul, Wagon Wheel, Fan, Dresden Plate, Drunkard's Path, etc., etc., etc.
      1. This includes polka dot fabric
  2. Perimeter size is not to exceed 200" nor less than 100".
  3. Use any technique.
  4. Quilts will be judged on:
    1. Execution of construction
      1. are the corners square?
      2. are the color choices pleasing to the eye?
      3. degree of design difficulty
  5. Quilts must be completed by a single entrant.
    1. Quilted and bound
    2. Sleeve not necessary

Bring to a Wednesday meeting no later than 23 May.

Quilts will be judged at the June Picnic.