7 February - Latest David's House Road Trip

From The Program Committee:

With the second block, you will be getting more practice on making four flying geese at one time with no waste.


From The Webmistress

You can find the information regarding StarLight Mountains Quilt under On Going Projects -> StarLight Mountains. Keep on stitchin'.

6 February

The Program Committee is working on doing Zoom meetings going forward. They will be informative and fun.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video from the Smithsonian. This is just one example of what we hope to be bringing to you through Zoom meetings.

MaryM & JoyceP

5 February

Your NEQM representative, JoyceP, has provided the following links for your enjoyment.

The Quilted CanvasIII---Still Here and Edges

Take a look. They may trigger inspiration during these uninspiring times.

9 April - Added Brewster Fair dates to Calendar. Uploaded latest Newsletter and Membership updates.

7 Aptil - Changed name of Show & Tell (2021) to include quilted items up through 31 May.

3 April - Added photos to David's House.

31 March - Added photo to Hearts For Hugs, TEE Quilting for David's House, and many photos for David's House.

30 March - Replaced Photo Gallery -> Road Trips with Photo Gallery -> David's House.

30 March - One more photo added to next David's House Road Trip and another photo for Show&Tell.

28 March - Added photos to the next David's House Road Trip and another one for Hearts For Hugs.

27 March - Added Week 3 and Week 4 of StarLight Mountains Quilt. Please bring to Annual Picnic on 23 June. 

24 March - Added article and photos of presentation of JoyceP's thread art of Westin in honor of HarrietT. There's a link found under On Going Projects -> Child Advocacy Center -> Remembering Harriet.

11 March - Added more photos to Show & Tell for 20210224.

27 February - Roberta has challenged us yet again. It's all about the Teddy Bear Picnic which, by the way, will be judged at our Annual Picnic on 23June. See On Going Projects, Current Challenge for details.

Watch this space for the

winner of the latest challenge

If you were unable to sign up for class(es) on April 24, call the instructor of the class(es) you wish to take.

Lynn Parker
Crazy Quilt Embroidery/Redwork
Cindy Spencer
Thread Catchers
Sarah Silk
Panels, Borders and Imagination--Oh My!
Morning Classes
Shelley Cram
Nine Patch Madness
Judy K &Dawn L
Patchwork of the Crosses
Beth Urda
Elephant Parade
Afternoon Classes
Janet Vaughn
Partial Seams
Louise Locke
Roberta Davis
Roberta Davidson
Center Attraction Table Runner
All Day Classes