This member embodies all the qualities that are required for the LLQG Quilter of the year. Using scraps from the back table, she had made many David's House quilts. She is a very enthusiastic and a cheerful promoter of our guild. She always shares her knowledge and talents with others, and is eager to learn new techniques, and to continue broadening her quilting skills. She organizes groups for special projects including David's House quilts. She makes us laugh, and encourages and supports new members. Her favorite chant is, “Yes, you can, and I will help”. She alone, has brought in approximately 16 new members. She is certainly a great asset to our guild and a very loyal member. She was the one who got the idea of taking pictures of the members, so everyone could put a face to the names. Therefore, we now have our wonderful Membership Book. She takes on tasks that no one wants. You can’t say no to “Maria” when she asks for help on any committee.


Our Quilter of the Year 2017 is none other than MARIA WENTWORTH.