During our 2021 Picnic, MarieP was crowned QOTY 2021.


As president, it is my honor to present the Quilter of the Year for 2021.

This person has gone above and beyond for LLQG and more than exemplifies our mission.

She has taken on many responsibilities.

She has assisted with set up and take down as well as selling raffle tickets at the Brewster Fair and Sandwich Fair since her membership began. She tirelessly makes quilts for David’s House, Comfort Quilts, Advocacy Center quilts, knitted hats, Cruiser quilts and Christmas stockings for Hope House.

She has and will run if you need her, at the drop of a quilt.

She has taught many classes for Quilt Camp, Christmas in July, and beginning techniques for the guild.

She served two years as Vice President followed by two years as President. Her leadership during that time was a great asset to the guild. Her constant, positive attitude and cheerful disposition rubbed off on all of us making each meeting lots of fun.

She is one of those people who works quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes keeping the wheels turning for the guild. She has taken on thankless jobs that are often unrecognized but makes the guild’s operation run smoothly.

Truthfully, you won’t find a more giving person. She is a wealth of information and seems to be the ‘go to person’ when a guild member or board member has a question.

The one thing I remember the most is when she was President – Nanny would ask me to tell her that she wanted to see her and she said she would be right there and listened attentively.

She organized the guild’s Quilt Sales at All Saints Episcopal Church. She designed and constructed, in her first year of membership, the NH start paper pieced raffle quilt. Organized and operates the Monday Morning Zoom meetings. She began the bylaws revision before the publication of the next membership book.

I could add more wonderful things that she has done for our guild, but I think you get the idea. I cannot think of anyone more deserving and it is my honor to present Quilter of the Year to MarieP.