BethU has been a long-time guild member and is known for her quiet

 efficiency, her calm non-judgmental manner and willingness to participate in a wide variety of activities. She has worked behind the scenes updating the Articles of Agreement in our LLQG Membership Book. Her many guild accomplishments include: Assisting the co-chair with the 2009 Quilt Show, while serving as vice-president. She moved up to president and fulfilled her duties well. Like the energizer bunny, she co-chaired the 2016 Quilt Show.

This year Beth will manage the Penny Sale for the 2019 Quilt Show and Sale. She always helps at the yearly Quilt Sale. She also sells tickets for the yearly Raffle Quilt  at all of our scheduled venues. All who know her say she is a cheerful, hard worker and contributes to our guild’s mission by making many quilts for David’s House and other charities, and has helped with the Sew Sleepy Club. She is involved in all aspects of quilting, including teaching us how to make a cute elephants quilt during Quilt Camp. She recently joined the Program Committee and will be teaching in the near future. In her spare time, she likes to garden. As a past Events Coordinator, she continues to grace our tables with fresh cut flowers for our Annual Picnic, Hydrangeas for our Annual Meeting, and Poinsettias for our Christmas Party. She was instrumental in hiring a massage therapist for the quilt retreats, which we continue to enjoy twice a year. During soup-ins, she is always willing to cook or provide something. She is very busy but you can always count on her to be there when needed; like taking minutes at a meeting when none of the secretaries are available. She contributes immensely to the success of the quilt guild and its future. Everyone now recognizes what a star BethU is.