As we say goodbye to Maria Wentworth we say a great big HELLO and CONGRATULATIONS to Doreen Gabriellini.

She is a tireless worker and exemplifies what our guild’s mission is all about.  She is involved in all aspects of quilting with energy to spare. She encourages and sets a good example of how a person should be and always with smiling enthusiasm.   She displays a deep knowledge of quilting, and patiently helps and encourages all members to do their best. She will help anyone at anytime do whatever project they are working on.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and truly enjoys sharing her knowledge, her time, and talent, whenever she can. Mention an interest and she will research it until it becomes a class at the guild.  She has helped raise money in support of our many projects.

We have been blessed to have this wonderful creative person amongst us.  Among her gifts to us, she has worked on several different venues for the quilt show, book sales, finding a variety of guest speakers, raffles, games both here and at retreats, mystery quilt, Chinese Auction, necessary classes like Back to Basics, and we all love Quilt Camp and Christmas in July. Not to forget our favorite visits from Jennie Rayment. 

She has been a part of the Program committee to help guide us on our journey toward being better quilters. Who, along with her New York twang never needs a microphone to get your attention.